cant go to a show anymore with out a problem


so yeah , didnt go to school for 2 days cant find the urge to…. uhhhhh hung out with lauren head ❤

DBYH is recording we might have 3-4 songs done by saturday for the as i lay dying show, i really hope to have a good time. They were incredible at ozzfest so i expect the best from them. Cant wait

Im poor and im in need of $$$$$


ok so I got my computer up and running again with 2 hard drives (thanks to aj) so now I have 75 gigs of space which so much better than what i had, I also reinstalled XP and all my software so everything is smooth, I kept all my music all 4 gigs of it(not much). Hope fully kris is giving me his old ram because I only have 256 which is average but still sucks, he might give me  FEW STICKS of 256 meg its up to him. My modem for my dsl is the very first model and is fried so im getting a new one , we thought it was the router but it wasn’t , so now i wont have internet except like once a day, cuz i have to ghetto rig the modem to my pc.

I guess the Peta Entry got me some attenion o well those bastards suck…..


Hung out with rob, lauren, megan and it was fun. We cuddled and watched tv and talked about stuff…

I saw robs balls…

That scared me for life……..

You know what pisses me off?

these vegetarian Nazi’s PETA


  •  THEY want every one to eat vegetables and only vegetables, I watched this video by Peta Company, they are such fucking morons, saying it’s low to kill an animal but even lower to eat one, and you know what fuck that shit.

  • Yes it’s low to kill an animal for fun but to feed people it’s a good cause, it’s the circle of life people learn something. Animals and humans eat other animals, is it cruel for a lion to eat an antelope? NO its nature a lion isn’t going to survive by eating a fucking Caesar salad every day it needs protein.

  • And then I’ll have you bastards saying well there’s other ways to get protein, you know what you people are moron yes there is other ways, peanut, seeds, beans, you know how many fucking fields that would take to feed our country? You fucking bastards.

  • You people need to stop bugging me to become a vegetarian, I dont want to I want to eat what I want when I want, I don’t want to join your plant worshiping cult.

  • And these hardcore vegan people, you can’t drink milk……. that’s a ton of bullshit milk is the best source of calcium, its ok for a calf to drink milk but not me I think not.

  • They said in every package of chicken there bird “POOP” you know what I clean my chicken, no one eats raw chicken dumb asses you clean it and cook it, I DONT GIVE A SHIT if threes some in it wash your fucking food!! Just because you like vegetables and dirt doesn’t mean I have to hear you bitch.

  • Another reason they said to not eat meat was because it was filthy and bloody, well no fucking shit…. you cook the meat it becomes less bloody I wonder who thought that up ?? FRED FUCKING FLINTSTONE in the stone age when fire was discoverer

  • Also they said to never eat batteries, earwax, and your dog…….my fucking god you people need to fucking wake up, who the fuck eats there dog no one you know why, they don’t taste good, and there a pet, if there’s a cow and im starving to death fuck yeah I am going to eat it.

  • They also said meat makes you fat, well you know what almost every fucking thing makes you fat if u don’t fucking do anything about it. And which I come to my next point your brain is almost 100% FAT this is why these people who fucking rotted there brains away eating only one thing

  • They also said it’s a way you can stop violence, you people are sooooooo fucking retarded. OUR country is at war and you people are talking about violence to animals to feed people. I’ll worry about that once there is world peace which is……never so fucking quit crying over beatsy because she wound up in my hamburger.

  • Half the water in the us goes to raising animals for food, you know what more power to yah, you’ve found a fact that probably doesn’t mean jack shit, you know why because were feeding people its life

my message is this