i didnt go to school i was too tired so i drove to the lehigh valley mall and slept in the parking lot ❤


10 thoughts on “

  1. What the hell? lol.
    PS. When did you start calling yourself Straight Edge and why?  I mean.. just because you don’t smoke or drink doesn’t mean you have to put a label on yourself.

  2. lol…ur crazy…well i guess ur sleeping u wont answer my call…im going 2 take a nap..call me n tell me when wherew going n i might bring kris bc itll give me something 2 do when im not recording and u no he can b qiut…but ya…call me

  3. dude that’s friggin pimp…
    hope AJ and i are invited to ur party but it’s cool if not…
    just yeah we miss ya man and let us know when ur next show is and how much we wanna show ya some support… (sorry we haven’t till now, just yeah shit’s really been fucked up and it’s all settling down) but yeah stay with the XxX shit it’s the way to be!

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