hot damn

ps xanga is beat 977 days on it, get a myspace its better and theres bands!


❤ Lauren


9 thoughts on “

  1. That’s nice.. well, if you’re proud of it, hey, whatever.
    And smiling takes less muscles than frowning.  I don’t frown, I just hold a straight face, so I’m not using more muscles.. I’m not using any muscles.
    PS. I think I should be invited to your party.  I might not be part of the “old crew”, but I had some good times with you guys. ❤

  2. yeah i was on myspace but eh i came back… good to hear ya still remember us lol… yeah it’s cool man take ur time with it, im sure it’ll be pimp though once it all gets together… take it easy man 🙂

  3. hey..i wouldnt saprise me if i got add….i like sum1 u prob no that already but who do u no thats interested in me??….well call me some time…im off till sat so we should chill…

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