so yeah , didnt go to school for 2 days cant find the urge to…. uhhhhh hung out with lauren head ❤

DBYH is recording we might have 3-4 songs done by saturday for the as i lay dying show, i really hope to have a good time. They were incredible at ozzfest so i expect the best from them. Cant wait

Im poor and im in need of $$$$$



8 thoughts on “

  1. FUCK SALT!!!!………… “damnit thses fish sticks are as hard as tits!!”…..”as tits dad whose tits you be grabbin that feel hard is what i wanna know!?”………”FUCK YOU!!!”………… LMAO ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

  2. if you’re putting more ram…you should make sure its the same speed that in you pc now otherwise it will fry the motherboard…..and 512mb wont cut it….you should get at least 1gb if not more. and that sucks to hear about your DSL….when are the cd’s for sale..I want one with a coaster!!!!

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