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Eyes of Anguish
Drowned By Your Hate
My Silent Escape
Scar my Heart
Slept Through The Screaming
 A Romance At Short Notice

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i hate my feelings…


Hiedi ho
Here we go
No solution
Strong undertow

Quite unfair
Quite a pair
No box office

All the problems
Make me wanna go
Like a bad girl
Straight to video

Little darling
Welcome to the show
You’re a failure
Played in stereo

I never noticed
No, never noticed
You’re so amazing
So amazing

Ok, another rant about… you guessed it, those fucking hippies from


They make me and the rest of our country sick with there twisted views on animal rights. 10% of what they stand for is worth listening to. The other 90% fucking bullshit. 

I love my thanksgiving and I enjoy my turkey EVERY YEAR . But this year these dumb bastards wanna bother me and send me shit and spam my fucking email accounts and pop ups of 10 reasons not to eat turkeys.

” Birds are interesting animals that I show an interest in (Shirley Jones of PETA and the partridge family) Turkeys are smart animals…. they feel pain and fear like humans … and are GENTLE and just as interesting as dogs and cats…”

You every meet a turkey or are you fucking stupid, I went to zoo and there were 3 animals I always avoid and you can guess what they are…peacocks, Ostrids, and turkeys… you know why because there fucking mean, I’m a nature person and I’ve been camping and fishing and hiking all my life… when you go in the wild and drive up the trail you don’t get out and pet the turkeys there fucking mean and they will peck your balls you fucking idiots, they come up to your car and hiss at you… I don’t know about you but they only thing its good for is being breaking down for protein to build up my body.

turkey farms genetically alter the turkeys that they don’t look like there wild cousins” “Its like serving up science on a platter”

This lady really is starting to piss me off, Science benefits mankind and creating food from it and altering it to make it better for you is a fucking revelation for the good of mankind YOU BASTARDS. If science creates a way to clone a food for the world and its meat and you bastards try to fuck it up I WILL TAKE A 12 Gage. and Blow your brains out, people come first the world is about survival of the fittest, God / Nature (even if you don’t believe in God look at the scientific view of this) gave animals their feathers their beaks their fur their claws, talons, poison, muscles, teeth tools of survival. We didn’t, were naked and we have our wisdom,brains, knowledge, science and mechanics. We going to use what we got and that’s the bottom line too bad, its either a turkey with a life span of 10 yrs or me with a life span up to 100 years if I stay healthy and survive, fuck you PETA.

turkeys that are injured in the slaughter houses are ignored or tormented by the workers…  “cook Tofurky, or a vegetable casserole for thanksgiving this year”

First of all cruelty by workers at the slaughter houses is not my fault that’s there own personal problem and there job for which they have chosen to do, that’s all I have to say about that. These bastards want the people of America to cook Tofurkey, WTF is wrong with you, seriously I don’t enjoy the taste of Soy Beans in Place for everything on the damn dinner pate.

Here’s where I come to a point that may puzzle PETA and make them say well bla bla bla … Vetables… They have feelings too, You fucking Dumbasses. You can put a Point about animal cruelty and all that bullshit. But dont plants feel some sort of pain too?
If an animal feels pain from a cut it reacts, its body repairs. If a fuccking tree gets cut down to make the chop sticks for your fucking tofu do you think about how the tree feels? Oh but trees and plants dont feel pain… Well its still “living” but I guess the degree to you people isnt worth looking at, It reacts to stimuli just as an animal would but in differnt ways, a tree gets a nail in it from a tree house and it forms sap from the reaction of damage to its structure, thus repairs. Nerves which cause pain in animals and humans is the same as a plants reaction to “pain” or stimuli. So no matter who you are or what you eat it is an organism that needs some form of energy to survive. Humans eat animals animals eat OTHER animals and plants, plants use sun for energy, The sun uses gasses from the universe released and entered. Its all connected and Everything is consumed. No matter what you do. So shut the fuck up tell your organization to go fuck itself. I eat plants animals and I use the sun to keep me warm and the night to cool me down FUCK You. We cannot Propel in the world if you bastards keep everything back by trying to take out the piece of the chain that’s been around since the beginning of time deal with it.

And finally one day when your thrown in the Amazon and a fucking Pahrana, Anaconda, or even a monkey comes along and starts beating you with a stick, you will then realize you are a fucking MORON, and nature got the best of you because you are weak, for letting the rules of survival leave your instincts and allow it to consume you in the great circle of life. As you spent your life standing up for nonsense.

Good day.

I’m going to eat my turkey loin dinner yummi .


PS if I offend you owell it wont bother me if you comment and say something like your fucked up, I WONT CARE. 


Eyes of Anguish
Drowned by your hate
My Silent Escape
Dressed To Kill
Slept Through The Screaming
Scars of Tomorrow

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