shit im poor and i broke a bass string i fucking hate this shit


7 thoughts on “

  1. ur onlii aZ uglii aZ u feel…..UGLII FART FACE….nah i’m juz fuckin wit u joe…i don’t judge guyz….but u got tha —- to make up for how u feel….LoL…newayZz…b eZ mai fren…o yea…i asked them 2 N D’z about that “6-1-0” shitz and they never herd of it…so they must b really nu…
    b safe joe

  2. yea good lookz joe…i alwayz got ur baQq…ur not onlii one of mai best “cracker” frenz…but u one of mai best frenz PERIOD mai due…u no dat…since 7th grade due! shit….i no wen i wuz a sophmore i wuz a lil stuck up…but yea…i wuz kinda concieted dat year…aii well newayZz…
    yea mai due we should chill u got mai num don’t u? if nething i got ur house num…juz tell me wen iz cool to call and i’ll call and c wuZz reallii good aii? aii mai due…b eZ…

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