I’m dressed up to kill with guns in my head
And I cross my heart that I never meant
 I’ll fight forever except that I did


Im fucking sick and it got old real fast…


6 thoughts on “

  1. “those who do not appreciate life do not deserve it”I have always loved that quote! Especially when used in the situation of suicide. Does it make sense to say to someone who tried to kill themself that they don’t deserve life because they don’t appreciate it? Does it even make sense? Seems contradictory to me.I know in certain situations the quote makes sense… but what you’re getting at, suicide, the quote is a complete oxymoron.

  2. umm probobly Catty… Im the loser with no friends and the chick that never talks to anyone. hah idk. I think i see u in lunch a couple times. i do believe its the second from last lunch im not sure. i just moved and now im stuck in catty.. and i fucking hate it with a passion… ooook wow i somewhat just told u more than what u probobly wanted to hear.. but o well. i have no life.. ttyl doll. =]

  3. Yeah, Saw II was awesome. Crazy… I enjoyed the first one more, although that Carey Elwes, or whatever his name is, is the worst actor EVER. They shoulda chose someone different. Second was good, though. Actually made me squirm… I HATE needles.

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