Email and let them know you’d like to see Drowned By Your Hate on the Sounds of the Underground tour next year.

Pretty simple right? But of course, there are a couple rules.

1. Multiple emails (more than 2) from the same email address will be automatically deleted. So only email them once from an address. If you’ve got another email, go for it.
2. In the email, they want you to list 5 bands you’d like to see. Less is ok, but no more than 5.

After your done, message us back to let us know we have your support.

The Top 20 bands will go on a poll on later this year.

Gently my mind escapes
Into the relaxing mode of pleasure
A pleasure that will take my mind
Off the reality of life
My past life
Life as I know it know
And whatever may come
It slowly disappears
To somewhere in the back of my mind
It will remain there
Until I wish to retrieve it

Yes I will stay here for awhile
For I need the break
A break from the pressures of life
And everything that lay in the palm of life’s hands
Life’s hands

This mode is incredible
It’s out of this world
Too bad I must always leave it
But that’s life
That’s life
That’s life
That’s life