i no longer know who to trust anymore

What is the meaning of friendship? Is everythnig a lie?

For the first time in almost 2 years i am feeling depression blackening my life once again

it was good while it lasted but i guess  you cant sing forever

This world is consumed by greed, money, and pain , and thou shall it remain …..

No love no friend ship just another dollar bill in to your pocket

Things are eating away at me inside and outside and i fear that they will all come crashing down at once….

I can feel it

This is probally some foreshadowing to come

I fucking hate LIFE


6 thoughts on “

  1. omfg are u serious… im too morbid.. wow ur pathetic…. but i still love your music.. have a nice life i guess.. and by the way we werent ever friends… friends require some time and some talkage and we never really did that.. so there for there was no friendship that needed to be ended… u could have just told me to kill myself or sumthing.. hah its that easy… byeeees.

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