well … fuck this


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  1. hey man…ab this and the last post…idk…i rly dont no wat 2 say..it wasnt me lieing i just didnt no how 2 tell u w/o screwing another freind..your my best freind and as far as im conserned its going 2 stay like that….NO MATTER WAT..there isnt 1 person in the world that could change that…even if it came down 2 stepping off of DBYH..i would….but ya…things got screwed up and i didnt handle it as well as i should have n i apoligize 4 that
    n plz dont feel like i dont side w/ u but w/ every1 else. i just listen and say wat i c…if i think sum1s right thats wat i say….nothing personal at all..bc even when u argue and i should slap u and say shiut the hell up..lol..jk…but ya..i still listen…and when we 1st got in the band we said 1 thing…ITS A BUISNESS..and i no its hard bc we’re freinds but it is a buisness, and as far as the band goes i try 2 make the right disitions…..but ya…..we;re BFF’s riht?lol…well im going 2 go 2 bed hunny….so cheer up….

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