dance dance dance


I fucking hate peopel honestly

Everything is going to end and theres nothnig i can fucking do i fucking hate this shit

Life is a beautiful thing why does it fucking have to fucking suck


why do peopel have to fuck it up

I hate you , if it ends ill kill you i swear to fucking god

i feel like shit , i got a concusion at the show last night and was in the hospitol til 2am , i was very delusional i think and i couldnt talk right. Rob and jsutin and jackie took me there and i thank them allot. They put an Iv in me and i asked them if i was dying. I got a cat scan and a neck x ray im alright jsut a mild concusion. They cut off my shirt , so now i need a new ovlo shirt. Besides that i feel liek shit my neck hurts and my head hurts , and my arm hurts fro mthe IV. Im not going to school tommrow, jsut comment on here if you wanna ask me questinos becuase im not taking any calls because im too crappy to talk.